Liberty Leaf seeks to maximize shareholder value by creating partnerships with strong, visionary, innovative people and companies in the legal cannabis space. We look for partners who can increase our expertise and efficiency in cannabis cultivation, harvesting, distributing and marketing. We look for partners who bring ideas for new products or devices that can expand the market base for legal cannabis. Above all, we look for partners who can help us build substantial, enduring, profitable businesses and opportunities.


Types of Agreements

      1. Licensing: We seek out technology and products that enhance our business growth and profitability and either purchase them outright, or make licensing agreements with the companies or organizations who own the intellectual property rights.


      2. Equity positions: The equity positions we take in companies range from minority to majority shareholding. Our equity positions are determined by such considerations the price and availability of shares; the location of the company; its value; its revenue stream, and how well it fits with our strategic plan.


      3. Purchases: Some investments, such as North Road Ventures, are so attractive that we seek outright, 100% ownership.


Get Started

Whether you are an investor seeking to include the cannabis industry in your portfolio, or an entrepreneur with a start-up or a strong business idea for the legal cannabis space, Liberty Leaf has the expertise and financial resources to build your portfolio or take your enterprise to the next level.